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Adaptive Content (with a dash of jQuery)


Aral Balkan posted the following snippet on Twitter just now: <span>u</span><span class=”hideIf320″>ser e</span><span class=”capIf320″>x</span><span class=”hideIf320″>perience</span> followed by the explanation: … adaptive copy 🙂 (Actual names shortened for the tweet.) Writes “user experience” in widescreen, UX on smaller screen 🙂 It’s an interesting idea, but I think it clutters up the markup with too many non-semantic…

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On Responsive Design, Grids and the Golden Canon of Web Page Construction


Before I start, let’s get some stuff out of the way: I’m no Khoi Vinh. Neither am I an Ethan Marcotte or a Jeremy Keith. I’m not a published writer on the subject of grid theory, or a speaker on the conference circuit. However, this is the Internet, where everybody has an opinion – and…

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