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Redesigning Mastodon


I ended up on Mastodon in the Great Twitter Exodus, specifically on Tŵt Cymru since I live and work in Wales. Overall it’s a nicer place, but I’ve been having some niggles with the UI. Here’s what I see when I open up the site. Part 1: fixing the left sidebar That incongruous post form…

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A walnut fronted PC with small VU meters and a large Art Deco sunburst grille

The Art Deco PC


My mum loves antiques, and she’s an absolute nut for Art Deco. A couple of years ago I gave her a mechanical keyboard with blue switches for the clicky and a set of Tall Deco typewriter keycaps from Datamancer. but it never sat right with me that she had to plug it into a modern…

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Failed Lighthouse test

Fixing the NO_LCP error in Lighthouse


I redesigned this site recently. You might have noticed. Maybe not if it’s your first time here, that’s ok too. Those full page splash images with everything fading into view look pretty snazzy but there’s one small problem: the Lighthouse test’s Largest Contentful Paint test fails to pick up on any element that starts at…

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The cobbler’s children have no shoes


It’s been a while since I’ve written in this blog. For the longest time this site has just been a holding page, because I didn’t want to do anything on the redesign until it was perfect. The thing is though, it’s never going to be perfect, for any number of reasons: I’m too much of…

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On Forums, and why they’re a Good Thing


One of the first things people find when they’re looking around for information on any subject are forums. Forums are a great resource because they collect a community of knowledgeable people who actively help each other out, in addition to providing a huge searchable archive of information for people who are just looking to find…

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