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Redesigning Mastodon


I ended up on Mastodon in the Great Twitter Exodus, specifically on Tŵt Cymru since I live and work in Wales. Overall it’s a nicer place, but I’ve been having some niggles with the UI. Here’s what I see when I open up the site. Part 1: fixing the left sidebar That incongruous post form…

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A walnut fronted PC with small VU meters and a large Art Deco sunburst grille

The Art Deco PC


My mum loves antiques, and she’s an absolute nut for Art Deco. A couple of years ago I gave her a mechanical keyboard with blue switches for the clicky and a set of Tall Deco typewriter keycaps from Datamancer. but it never sat right with me that she had to plug it into a modern…

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