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Homelab update: hardware

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the status of my homelab, and a lot has changed.

Obviously I couldn’t leave the big Supermicro box sitting on a table, that’s just untidy. I picked up an 18u closed rack cabinet from Prism. It’s only 800mm deep in order to fit in the space next to the front door, but there’s just enough depth to install Supermicro’s ball bearing rails.

At the bottom of the rack sits a 1500VA double conversion UPS from APC, which provides smoothed power to the rack and gives the servers plenty of time to do a graceful shutdown via NUT in the event of total power failure.

Above that is the Supermicro CSE-846 I’ve already written about. That’s now been repurposed to run TrueNAS Scale, which provides network shares and scheduled backup storage for the rest of the network and all the remote web servers I manage. Unfortunately it’s currently limited to 2tb disks by its SAS-1 expander backplane, but that still gives me 36tb of potential space after ZFS parity.

Above that is a Supermicro CSE-216 running Proxmox. I’m slowly acquiring disk trays for it along with more disks. Its main pool is 800gb Intel DC series SATA SSDs, and it hosts all my virtual machines and services. I replaced the chassis fans with Arctic Cooling P8s, and the 60mm fans on the Supermicro active coolers with Noctua A6x25s.

6u of blank space further up and we find a Brocade ICX-6450P 48 port POE switch, sandwiched between a pair of 24 port keystone patch panels. It can provide up to 48 ports of PoE, and has four 10gb SFP+ ports which I can use for future high speed expansion. I quieted it down by replacing the stock fans with slower spinning Sunon Maglevs, which still move more than enough air to cool the switch’s ~50w.

Finally at the top of the rack we find an Ipanema IPE|40AX running pfsense, which serves as router, firewall, VPN server, IDS/IPS and reverse proxy.

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