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It’s Rebecca Black Friday, and the Internet Goes Wild

“It’s Rebecca Black Friday”? Sounds like something Tom Baker would announce on Little Britain. So anyway. A teenypopper has released a “song” which has gone viral in a so-bad-it’s-good way and the whole Internet is howling over it.

Rebecca Black: Where is the Love?

Yes, it’s auto-tuned tripe with little to no lyrical content, but I think everyone’s missing out on one very important point – she’s just a kid, releasing her first song. When someone established pulled off exactly the same thing, it went to Number 1 on nearly every chart around the world. That’s right; some of the howling denizens of 4chan who are mocking this are exactly the same people who contributed to the success of a practically identical ditty.

A Lesson to be Learned: All Publicity is Good Publicity

Of course, Rebecca Black herself is quoted as saying it “feels like she’s being cyber-bullied”. And I’m sure we’re all shedding a tear for her, because the Internet lolocaust certainly hasn’t harmed her download sales; quite the reverse – at time of writing, it’s at No. 31 in the iTunes chart. Plenty of talented musicians would love to be getting that much exposure, and she’s complaining about it?

No matter how many people buy it, it will always be a hideously bad song. You can’t polish a turd, so the saying goes – but with the right marketing and a viral video, it appears you can sell absolutely anything.

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